Electric fencing for poultry is a effective method of containing both domestic and commercially kept chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and can also be a big deterrent to predators such as foxes.

For relatively small areas of domestic poultry (such as a back yard and where the poultry are kept indoors overnight so risk of predator attack is small), Rutland poultry nets are the easiest to erect and move. With a suitable energizer, they will contain non flying poultry effectively. The nets are available in orange colour or, as a less obtrusive alternative, green.

Only horizontal wires of nets are electrified and the bottom wire, which usually rests on the ground, is not electrified to avoid shorting the fence to the earth.

For large commercial flocks, nets are ideal as an inner fence or sub-division to contain poultry. Where predators are likely to be a problem, a more secure boundary is desirable. For poultry netting kits see Poultry Kits